Monday, June 4, 2012

Studio Build 19

Oy, between rehearsals for this, commencement for that, reunion for them...
and installing a fence in the back yard to keep Bumbles from bothering poor little Peaches..
Back to work!

So the ceiling clouds are hung on hooks with eye bolts threaded into the joists. Which in itself was a lot of fun as the ceiling joists in this room run two different directions due to the house design.  So finding the one joist, then locating the perpendicular joists, while keeping the measurements together so that the hooks line up.  Joy!

The hooks go through the back support, and through the insulation. The cloud doesn't weigh too much.

Here is the back of the cloud prior to hanging.

I hung it by myself.. that was FUN! (not) But here is the first one up and done.

Very satisfying... during the day, while I'm waiting for things to render on one computer... I've been playing with some junk on the workbench. I have to admit. I'm a geek. I'm building a lightsaber.


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