Thursday, June 21, 2012

Studio Build 22

Real quick update.  I salvaged a couple of Kleig Brothers theater lights and had the idea to create a rocket theme lamp for the studio.

I know, I know...get back to work monkey boy... but I was waiting for another machine to finish a render!

I designed the rocket fins in Illustrator.

Printed that out on a couple pieces of paper and transferred that to a piece of scrap plywood.  Cut it out on the bandsaw, and duplicated that 3 more times for 4 fins.   Sanded down the rough edges and used "Rub and Buff" to give it a bronze finish.

Drilled some holes in the housing.  (I had already gutted the housing and installed a new bulb fixture with switch)

and Voila!

 We have ignition!

More work on the rear space array/panel on Friday night....

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