Monday, November 16, 2009

Your Service Manager Tony Fiske

Yesterday (Sunday) I was playing the part of Tony Fiske, the service adviser for Hometown Volvo!

Several of us from Albany Talent were hired to work on an instructional video for Volvo North America. Bedard Brothers Volvo in Cheshire MA was used as a set and the new Volvo XC60 was the star.

9 O'clock call, and didn't get on camera till after 3. It was a small part but we had teleprompters and the director Paul Zimmerman kept the crew moving through shot after shot.

I'll see if I can score a copy of the final product and add it to my list of things to post.

Now, back to focusing on the Panto version of Puss in Boots as Yolanda Gentry, the hot Latina wife of the mayor of Ghent. Yes, I'm playing a woman again... serious theater.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New work, on stage and settling in...

Ok, So I step off of one speeding train onto another... cool we've settled into work at Bard College at Simon's Rock, or "The Rock". Two weeks ago a director for a musical called "I know I came in here for something" called me and said that the show over the summer was a raging success and it's up for a revival for a couple of weekends. He had approached me in the spring, but with the National Guitar workshop happening, I was booked solid. Anyway, I said yes.

I had to learn the whole show in a week and a half. "Hey, ya need some stress, here's MORE!"

MMMMM boy good!

Got it done, the opening night had my mother in the audience as I sing a song about erectile disfunction. If I can handle that crowd, I'm good for the rest of the show. This weekend of September 25th, 26th and 27th is the final weekend until some time in November where the show is going up again as a fundraiser. Get yer tickets now!

On another note, listen for my voice on College guide .com so far I've done Nashville College, Detroit College, Cleveland and Charolette. With hopefully more to come.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ok, What happened to SUMMER?!?

I was the Front of House Engineer for the National Guitar Workshop this year down at SUNY Purchase, load in happened on July 12th, and we were loaded out by August 16th...

In between those dates were concerts every night, guest artists like Steve Vai, Pat Metheny, Paul Gilbert, Robbin Ford... sheesh. And then, during this fun and frivolity, I applied for a position at Bard College at Simon's Rock.

Phone interview, two on site interviews... I GOT THE GIG! WOOT!

I'm the new Instructional Technology Specialist for the Art Department. From welders to projectors, computers to the stage. I work for the IT department, yet anything that plugs in, turns on or fires up is now my charge. CNC milling table? yup.

The bonus... A VOICE BOOTH! Nice Wenger booth for me to use when needed.

as a complete aside, the Presonus Audiobox performed perfectly as a travel VO tool. Never dropped the ball for any of my clients while on the road. Sweet.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ok, it was my first film where I was on the OTHER side of the camera, like, in front of it and not behind the scene somewhere.

The film is a documentary about Phineaus Gage, a guy who survived having a steel rod race through his skull during a freak quarry accident in 1830. He lived for years afterward however his personality changed, I think technically he was the first lobotomy.

So I play the guy who caused the whole thing. I put powder in the hole he's working on and fail to tell him. He goes to work on the drilled rock and BLAMO! In another scene I find the steel pike and pick it up, only to discover it's covered in "matter"... red matter and junk.


I don't know what the release date is going to be, but I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New radio commercial for Wahconah Park

Here it is! Should be on air this afternoon!

It is a :50second spot with room for a :10 second tag.

Pittsfield Defenders!

I love this work.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great week!

I get back from a TV commercial shoot, and in the ol' email box is a possible voice gig!

man, sometimes it pays to live right. I'll write more once the contract is signed.


Marini builders!

The shoot on Monday went great! There were 6 of us from Albany Talent, and I was teamed up with Lisa Munter, we played husband and wife and they gave us two kids.

I tell ya, that's the way to have kids. They were about 6 and 9, well fed, well behaved and when I was done, they went back to where they came from. No muss no fuss.

Lisa and I are in several scenes, outdoors looking at our new home, looking at the computer and bringing the kids in from the amusement park. The happy family in their new home!

I'll work on getting a link to the final product when it airs.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Got the gig!

Another on camera commercial!

This time for a home building company. Shooting is Monday starting at 10.

BooYAH! now, where's my makeup......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make the call

It was raining today. Cold, damp, pleh.

With Memorial Day weekend last weekend and all of our a'cappalla singers crashing at The Lodge, I didn't have time to chase work or do my round of updates.

And man it doesn't take long to fall behind! But we're back on track with today's work. Got the monkey drawing done and made that the background of my NEW WEBSITE! is my new voice only site. No CGI to confuse people, straightforward and clean. Here's me, here's what I sound like. Hire me.

Oh and my agent called before dinner, he may have a gig for me Monday playing a construction guy on camera.

Let it rain.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lunch meeting with the famous Mary McKitrick

Sometimes you have to hear positive things from other people before you believe it. Friends will tell me, "You sound great, you'll get work." or my agent will tell me, "I can market you."

But sitting down and having lunch with someone in the business and realizing that I'm on the right path and I have to be persistent and patient...and I'll get there. That can make your day.

Mary of met up with me in Northampton for lunch, I talked too much, blathered on and on and she offered advice and support.

I love acting. I'm going to start calling it a passion.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tagging Westwood College

National ads tagged. Westwood college ads will have me on the end with the phone number... operators are standing by!

The new North American voice of Grundfos!

Me. Recorded in NYC at Headroom studios, as soon as post production is done, you'll hear it here.