Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm a PantoLOON!

The PantoLoons, a theater troupe that plays out a panto at the Ghent Playhouse in Ghent New York has asked me to join their company! I played the part of Yolanda Ghentry in last the production of "Puss in Boots" last Fall, and they've made it official, they want me on the team for next years production.

Woo! and it's a payin gig!

who knew that acting could be so much fun...

Another film roll!

Ok, I'm getting spoiled. I audition, I get the part. Sometimes I don't even have to audition.

Last Friday night I auditioned for the roll of Martin, the innkeeper in an independent film being shot around Albany. On Saturday they call me and offer me the roll.

How cool is that. I'll know more details after rehearsal on Thursday and let ya know.