Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good behavior and it's rewards

So I was stuck in the studio waiting for client approval for a Smith and Wesson trade show VO that I had done. The clients were gathering to discuss the text, the tempo, etc.

I waited 3.5 hours. Spinning my wheels, trapped.

I looked up the AFTRA rates for studio time, 112.oo per half hour! WOW. So I wrote up an invoice for half that, then thought about it, and charged $40.oo per hour to sit.

The studio was grateful, the client was happy.

The studio was so happy with how I handled it, they handed off my demo to a new client. The new client, Pittsfield Co-op Bank like me. I'm now their guy.

Be a nice person, treat people well, and you get paid back in kind. Go figure!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Totally off topic

Ok, most of this has been about my career and stuff. (by the way, in rehearsal for Fantasticks as El Gallo.. )

Some of you may know that my old dog Henry died a few weeks ago. Cancer got to his kidneys and that was that. He was a great soul and I'm sure I'll meet him again.

We have a new pup. Bumbles. He's a Staffordshire Terrier. Full on meatball of a dog. And smarter than some people I know. (no offense)(you may not not know who you are)

He's a rescue from the Columbia Green Animal Rescue, and he's an absolute snuggle bunny.

Here's the reason for the post. If you're in need of a pet. Rescue one. Seriously. You will not find a better friend.

Welcome Bumbles to the fray. (recording session on Monday, rehearsal on Sunday, VO gig coming up on Tuesday...) Back to our normal broadcasting.

Actually P.S. Caught up with an old friend J.R. worked with him at WSBS in Great Barrington... He will either drag me back into radio, or I'll drag him up onto the stage. (they sometime pay just the same...)