Monday, May 21, 2012

Studio Build 18

Just a quick update as we're simply moving along with more acoustic panels.

On Sunday I built the two ceiling clouds,  they are stacked on the floor...

I'll cover them with burlap tonight and get them hung.

Then I created a panel to cover the ugly window plug.  The Burlap is only 5 foot wide, so there's a strip to cover the seam.  It kind of looks like modern art.  I think I'll stain that strip a nice deep cherry red.

and then the large piece that will cover the back wall.  This is the rough frame with insulation.  It still needs the screws and washers to keep the insulation in place when moving things about.

Which will get covered with fabric and then a series of 1/2" pieces of wood to create a sort of space array.  Like this...

So the room is shaping up to look like this,

Closer and closer! And already with pieces in place the room sounds great! 

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