Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Slight pause in the work due to performances with Nutshell Playhouse and rehearsals for The Merry Wives of Windsor in which I'm playing Falstaff.

Then there's a darn vacation on the lake planned!

Have no fear, we'll finish soon...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Studio Build 24

Alright! we got that rear space diffuser and sound absorption panel finished and INSTALLED!  That thing was heavy so not only is there the French cleat on the top, but we added a bottom support bracket to hold some of the weight as well.  The stain is "Gunstock" and it came out a bit more orange/red than expected, but it fits the room perfectly.

  and here is how the staggered heights of the slats look.

Thanks again to the late great Mike Sommer for designing this panel.  I've brought the rocket lamp into the room and put it on the floor, and I have to admit, it needs to fly from the ceiling..  So that's what we're going to do.  Reinstall the bracket it came with, since it was a theater fixture, and bolt it to the ceiling.

Here it is on the floor.  Just so you can see it in the space.

I know I know.. it's an iPhone camera, I'll be getting the real beauty shots soon once things are all moved in.

So next, we are adding a return air vent to keep the room cool/warm.  Initially I wasn't going to, but I'll pick up some more quiet ductwork and run a feed to the return duct in the basement.  The collector will be situated right behind where the computers are located, so hopefully it will pull some of their waste heat out of the space as well.  Then I drop in a neutral rug and start dragging gear into the space!