Friday, September 29, 2017

FaffCon Number 9, (number 9, number 9...)

Another FaffCon! Come and Gone!

"Growing your business is more about farming than hunting."

Wow. Hello. How brilliant is that!!

Instead of "hunting" for work, how about planting a few seeds and cultivating relationships and growing trust!

Why I Faff.

To those faithful reader of this blog-o-thingy, you know that once a year I surround myself with fellow Voice over people and talk about Voice Acting and how to get better and better.

It's my tribe, my "church" that I go to once a year to refuel and kick my ass back into gear.

This year was no exception. I left Charlotte with a serious "To do" list.
1. Update the website
2. Another session with Celia Siegel
3. Get that NYC agent.
4. Start using Evernote
5. A new CRM from Brad

and a few others.

My Big Golden Nugget

VO work is an interesting field. If you're good, you get work. I get work. If you're good on camera you get more work. I get camera work, to the point my agent in Rochester actually said, "I'm sick of seeing you on TV."

BUT, there's always that lingering doubt, "Am I good enough?" I know we can always improve, but at what point do you take the leap of faith and just stretch beyond the comfortable?

David H. Lawrence XVII gave a session about this. Talking about the Imposter Syndrome. That idea that you may be faking it. That someone is going to stand up at some point, point you out in a crowd and start the chant. Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!

It can be paralyzing. It can keep you from trying. Keep you from taking that chance to find out how great you really are.

The golden nugget I walked away with, was being told, I am ready. They knew. They saw it.

Sometimes all you need is someone saying, "Ya, you so totally got this." And they mean it. It's not mum saying, "You're the best!" I mean, it's great to get praise from mum. (Mum, it is!) But a fellow VO professional walking across the room and taking the time to pull a splinter of kyrptonite out of your ego. That's FaffCon magic!

David asked me if I was booking gigs, and getting work.  I said that I was. Then, in answer to my internal question "am I ready?" was his answer: "The evidence is mounting..."

Fear of Success?

I used to say, I have a fear of success. I now know, that's kind of chickenshit response. I am aware of the idea, "be careful of what you wish for." I get that. I truly think that a lot of people that enter social services have the best intentions, and then get overwhelmed by the real sorrow in the world. You couldn't pay me enough to be a police officer. Dealing with problems all day has to drain your energy.

Part of the problem is a lack of focus, I know that. I've written about it before. I'm good at a lot of things, but I'm finding I'm really good at Voice Acting and Acting in general. I've been tearing up the local stages. And I love it.

Bringing a script or character to life is amazing work. It's non-kinky role playing with applause. (Well I actually do a show yearly in drag, and I'm paid for it, with rave reviews, so I don't know what THAT means...)

I'm going to strip off these chains. How about you?