Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Ok, I've been doing a lot of video editing, and while things load, render, render, load, transfer....

I have some time on my hands.

So I built a Lightsaber.

See the full Instructable here

I think it came out pretty badass, and will find a home in the new studio!


  1. I see you live in Taconic Hills? I grew up in Hudson and have been in South Florida for the last 10 years as a professional voice actor. Glad to see Columbia County holding their own in this industry.

  2. Ya, I'm represented by Albany Talent, James Pentaudi gets me a few decent gigs a year on camera including national spots once in a while. The VO work however is my bread and butter. The studio build is to provide some dedicated space that the dog can't bother me in. Or the train, or the truck driving down the dirt road...

    The lightsaber however is just one of those projects I needed to do. Same thing with the Captain America shield I built a few months back.

    I can't help it sometimes.