Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I build in my "SPARE" time.

Ok ok... I DON'T have spare time. But once the brain is in gear, it's hard to stop. So when I do have a moment, I avoid the interewebz and go build something.

My latest creation is a speaker and amp built out of a cello.

It has a 100 watt blueTooth amp so I can run it from my iPhone as soon as I enter my office.

The whole build is here.

It sounds pretty decent actually and looks wicked pissa cool. (to my family from Southy!)

I'm already toying with the idea of creating a short stage piece using it somehow. Perhaps a short story of a cello player and a small napkin in the breeze...


If you want something done, ask someone who's busy.  Wait till you see the next great thing.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where ya been!?

You wake up and IT'S AUGUST!

sheesh. So I started the summer theater season at the Mac-Haydn Theater playing the part of Mortimer, the man who always dies, in The Fantasticks.  And told the theater that I was really planning on doing just one show this summer, then going to go sailing, fishing, and work on the house.


The director, John Saunders, mentions to me, "Would be interested in doing another show?"

Fantasticks wraps, our A Cappella group is on a mini tour, and I get this email. Would I consider playing Thenardier in Les Miserables.

Um. YES!

So there ya go, three weeks of rehearsal and a two week run, 8 shows a week...

When the sewers run with blood....

Then right into rehearsals for an indie movie short. Who needs sleep?