Monday, May 21, 2012

Studio Build 18

Just a quick update as we're simply moving along with more acoustic panels.

On Sunday I built the two ceiling clouds,  they are stacked on the floor...

I'll cover them with burlap tonight and get them hung.

Then I created a panel to cover the ugly window plug.  The Burlap is only 5 foot wide, so there's a strip to cover the seam.  It kind of looks like modern art.  I think I'll stain that strip a nice deep cherry red.

and then the large piece that will cover the back wall.  This is the rough frame with insulation.  It still needs the screws and washers to keep the insulation in place when moving things about.

Which will get covered with fabric and then a series of 1/2" pieces of wood to create a sort of space array.  Like this...

So the room is shaping up to look like this,

Closer and closer! And already with pieces in place the room sounds great! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Studio Build 17

Some more details with the frame building, these are the washers and screws to make sure the insulation doesn't fall out.

and then how I use push-pins to hold the print while I line it up and make sure there are no puckers.

Then around the edge with staples.  I have to admit, having the right tools, no matter what you're doing, is a wonderful thing...  (that also means gear!  good pro microphone, decent software...)

Here is the wall portion of the french cleat, it makes it real easy to hang these things, and once they're up, it feels solid.

And finally, the whole thing mounted and hung on the wall.

I have to run to a rehearsal for a library benefit, and it's such a beautiful day, that requires a motorcycle ride, and that requires taking the long way, so that required me to clean up early... :)  I'll get more done tomorrow after having lunch with Mum. 

Have a happy Mother's Day one and all!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Studio Build 16

Ok, it's been a whirlwind of a weekend, I auditioned for Falstaff in the Merry Wives of Windsor on Saturday.  Nailed the audition with the monologue and on Sunday had rehearsal for a benefit show... (found out Monday night I got the part!)

So work was catch as you can.  But I did get the frame for the large panel behind the mix desk built!  This one will get covered with an art print that I had ATS Acoustics print out at 4'x8'.

Here you can see the panel and how the 24"x48" Roxul fits in.

and here is a detail of how the frame is assembled, complete with "french cleat" on the back.

and back to one of Mike's images for clarification:

Then I secured the insulation to the cleat and a bottom brace by running a screw through the insulation and with a washer to keep it from pulling through.  I forgot to take a picture, but I'll get one that clarifies.

From there, stretch the fabric over the frame and hold in place temporarily with push pins until I got it right.  Then pneumatic staples all around the edge.  The other half of the French cleat is mounted on the wall, 5" from the ceiling and catches the 45 degree angle perfectly for a solid mount. 

and there it is!  This is what I'll be above the monitors and behind the nearfields.  And this print will get mounted the same way to the left of the mix desk.  The images are the work of Bradley W. Schenck from his Retropolis series.  Way cool stuff, and the vibe I was hoping for.

That will be Thursday evening at the earliest, maybe Wednesday, we'll see.  Then a couple of more panels, a door latch, rug, and we can think about moving some gear in!