Saturday, May 12, 2012

Studio Build 17

Some more details with the frame building, these are the washers and screws to make sure the insulation doesn't fall out.

and then how I use push-pins to hold the print while I line it up and make sure there are no puckers.

Then around the edge with staples.  I have to admit, having the right tools, no matter what you're doing, is a wonderful thing...  (that also means gear!  good pro microphone, decent software...)

Here is the wall portion of the french cleat, it makes it real easy to hang these things, and once they're up, it feels solid.

And finally, the whole thing mounted and hung on the wall.

I have to run to a rehearsal for a library benefit, and it's such a beautiful day, that requires a motorcycle ride, and that requires taking the long way, so that required me to clean up early... :)  I'll get more done tomorrow after having lunch with Mum. 

Have a happy Mother's Day one and all!

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