Monday, April 30, 2012

Studio Build 15

It was a great weekend!  Got the window plug finished and installed.  The window is a 3x5 Anderson window, and I was able to pick up a 3x5 sheet of tile backer.  Some minor trimming, some GreenGlue® and a couple of handles, and voila!  Solid window plug.

What you're seeing there is the window side of the plug.  The fabric is only there to make it look better from the outside looking in.  VS seeing a couple of sheets of tile backer board.

Here it is installed.

It was a windy afternoon on Sunday, and once the plug was installed.  You couldn't hear it at all.  No daylight or sound sneaking through.  The handles are essential, as it's the only way to get a grip on the plug once installed.

Then we got started on the "Superchunk" corner bass traps.  We took a full 24"x48" sheet of Roxul cut it in half, then quarter it.  Our tool of choice was a nice Sabatier knife.  Kept a great edge and made quick work as we cut the material. 

and then you can see how they stack in the corner.

And you stack it right up to the ceiling!

 Then I was able to build up some frames real quick. 

And then cover the frame with some landscaping burlap.  This is one layer, I'm going to do two layers total.

and a close up..

Not bad, but one more layer will give it the look I want.
That's it so far!  We'll keep going.

On another front, we're upgrading the computer system from my G4 to an Intel Mac with 16 Gigs of RAM and ProTools 10.  ya baby.

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