Monday, April 23, 2012

Studio Build 13

Nothing like trim.

before the trim was installed, all seals were sealed with SilentSeal®.

The window is going to be plugged.  Basically a tight fitting panel that will block out the window and the noise sneaking in around it.  The window is an older Anderson, and Mike Sommer, the room designer suggested removing the window.  But I have to think about resale of the house.  Our last house was very custom for us and it took a while to find the right buyer.  So the window stayed and we'll create a thick panel that will cover the space.

Just a couple of notes about doing construction and renovation work.  Work clean.  When you're done with a tool, put it away.  Having a clear workspace prevents accidents and damage.  I even like vacuuming up after a day of work.  It makes the next day easier.

I have to finish the gaskets on the door, there are two more layers to do.  And I'm waiting another day or so before buying the latch assembly.  I can start to think about bringing in some Roxul!

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