Monday, April 16, 2012

Studio Build 10

Ok, on Saturday I was involved in a film project where I was dressed as "The Monster"  His name was Bogomil, your basic run of the mill bogeyman created by a lifetime of items that fell under the bed.

Then on Sunday we had some yard work to do, busting out the chain saw and cleaning up the mess that the power company left behind.  And then!  work on the door and studio!

So, here are the layers of the door, you have the base of the firedoor, a layer of GreenGlue, a 3/8" layer of masonite, and then a layer of 3/4" Australian Cypress left over from a flooring job in the downstairs apartment.

The door will have three seals, two of them are rubber gaskets, (GM Trunk Seal) and the third is a magnetic refrigerator type of seal.  So in order for the magnetic seal to work, it needs something metal.  So we put in a metal strip.

The metal strip sits in a routed out groove.
And the wood panel is now flush with the drop seal.  The panel is screwed to the fire door and the screw heads are covered over with bungs.  The bungs will dry for a day, and then I'll sand the door face, and give it another coat of poly.

The plan is to use a latch from a walk in cooler, that should hold things tight enough against the seals.

Stay tuned!

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