Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"How do I find Voice Over Work?"

This is just a quick aside.  I was just at an on-camera video shoot for a medical training film.  While there and chatting up the crew and director I mention that I do voice work as well.

"Really?  We're always looking for good voice talent."  Was the response.

Personal connections.  Getting out there and telling people about you skills IN PERSON. 

Look, people are busy.  Producers and directors don't want to work hard to find a voice.  The reality of listening to 50 auditions on V123 or any other site.. well, who has time?  I'm now a face and a friendly personality to this studio.  I dropped them my business card and followed up with an email with a direct link to my site and demo's.

Will it result in work?  It might.  Bottom line, the work is out there.  It won't come knocking on your door necessarily, but if you knock on its door, you just might be invited in.  Go find the people that are hiring and GO VISIT!  Let them know you exist and want to help them out on a project.

Ok, back to working on the studio.

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