Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Studio Build 6

Why do these things take so long!  I've said it in other stories that I have written and even in a few sermons that I delivered.  Life happens.  I wanted this to be done by the end of January... ok, February... sheesh here it is March and I'm just finishing painting!

Walls and ceiling are painted!  it's not the best drywall work in the world, there's little areas here and there if you look close.  So don't look.  A good friend of mine, Michael Nathan (of Nathan Sports) told me that he wouldn't hire an A+ type.  They're never satisfied and take forever to get things done.  He would rather the B student.  Good job, turned in on time.

Get it done.

So here are the colors of the studio.  The red wall is where the mix console is going.

and here is a quick shot of the mass that is three layers of drywall.

I have to touch up a few paint spots but then I can clean up the drywall mess and paint mess and bring in the material to build the door.

Once the door is built, the floor goes in.  Once the floor is in, the trim can happen.  Once the trim happens the acoustic panels get built and hung.  Once the panels are hung, we move in gear and get busy!

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