Wednesday, September 23, 2020



I go from a 5 show Fall season, to the world coming to a halt in March. 

Sort of...

As many of you know, people call me a polymath, I wear a lot of hats and can pivot when things go sideways. The VO work picked up the pace, and the college gig considered me an "essential worker" so I went into the office everyday.

Then the other calls started to come in. People needed help pivoting onto Zoom and other streaming platforms. So I dove in. 

PS21 in Chatham was doing a few concerts with socially distanced performers and audience. I helped with a multi-camera live switch stream feed to their Facebook page. And you know, once you do one, you can't go back to a single camera. The online audience loved it. PS21 kept me busy.

Then there was the virtual book fair.

Then another online play production. 

Then classes were ramping up, with real live students on campus. Weekly testing, and tight protocols. 

And here we are. September. I don't even remember June or July. Or April for that matter. It was a blur.

Be the person people turn to when they need help. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Virtual hugs.

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