Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another quick note about Mike Joly...

So the microphone developed a weird sound. A random hiss. I emailed Mike Joly and he paid to have it sent back to him. He tested it, checked it over, didn't find any issues. Sent it back to me on his nickle. It was ok for a day then started hissing again. I emailed Mike again. Here's what he did. He sent me another microphone. He wanted me to be happy. I was floored. The first microphone I bought off of Ebay, so it could of had issues. Since I didn't know the history, I was prepared to just eat it and buy another microphone new and have him mod it. I am very VERY happy with the sound of the mic and the gigs that it has landed me. In fact I bought another. So now I have a matched set for recording piano as well as my voice work. Mike Joly is my hero.

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