Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good behavior and it's rewards

So I was stuck in the studio waiting for client approval for a Smith and Wesson trade show VO that I had done. The clients were gathering to discuss the text, the tempo, etc.

I waited 3.5 hours. Spinning my wheels, trapped.

I looked up the AFTRA rates for studio time, 112.oo per half hour! WOW. So I wrote up an invoice for half that, then thought about it, and charged $40.oo per hour to sit.

The studio was grateful, the client was happy.

The studio was so happy with how I handled it, they handed off my demo to a new client. The new client, Pittsfield Co-op Bank like me. I'm now their guy.

Be a nice person, treat people well, and you get paid back in kind. Go figure!

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